Medicinal and therapeutic properties of the Coca leaf

hoja de coca 1
The alkaloids give to the coca leaf some known and scientifically approved medicinal and pharmaceutical properties.  According the used analytic process, their level changes. The altitude biology Bolivian institute has indentified 4 of them and Harvard university14, presented here after with their respective properties: Coca anaesthetic et analgesic properties -           benzoine : skin cicatrising, anti fermentation -           cocamine : anaesthetic effects -           coniine : po...

Buying fever grips Peru’s maca trade

Lepidium Meyenii - Maca Root Organic
 Maca, a nutritious and medicinal root cultivated in the Peruvian Andes, is currently the object of a trade fever, in which market prices have risen to stratospheric levels as a result of unprecedented demand. A staple food of the Andean people, maca has been cultivated for over 2000 years in the highlands of both Peru and Bolivia, and is consumed daily by the people of those areas. The plant grows only at very high altitude, and has steadily increased in popularity in the U.S. herbal market s...